~Glam Affair~ @ The Liaison Collaborative

 The 15th of every month, Liason Collaborative begins a new themed round and this month we were excited be a part of it.

Artemis went all kinds of Cyber for this round and we so hope you like our little Princess.

Six different make ups ranging from sweet to out of this world with sass, all the usual eyebrow options, including no brow and a tintable tattoo layer.  Artemis Cyber Princess comes in one skin tone - America, with Slink appliers available at our main store.

We also have Nivy Flowers for your pretty heads! Nivy Flowers come in six different colors - you can wear them on your left side or your right side or go crazy and BOTH sides like a pretty flower crown.

Both items are for sale for a limited time at TLC, your ride to the event is below and we hope you enjoy Artemis Cyber Princess and Nivy Flowers!

Thank you!
~Glam Affair~

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~Glam Affair~ The Shops Mesh Head Appliers

Hello Glam lovelies!

After months of endless requests, we have a release that should make many of you very happy!

Glam Affair is happy to announce that we finally have The Shops Mesh Head Appliers.

We released two different faces; Lara and Artemis. Each is unique and quite the set of beauties

Each hud comes with 4 different eyebrow colors, as well as a no
brow version. Lara and Artemis come in our 8 regular skin tones.

* Please keep in mind that the mesh head is not included.

* Please be sure to follow the instructions provided by The Shops on how to make your new appliers work with their head.

We hope you all love these two new arrivals to our Glam Affair line of beauties! You can pick up the appliers in our main store in the Appliers/Shapes room in the middle of the store.

As always, thank you so much for your support of Glam Affair.

Thank you,
~Glam Affair~


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~Glam Affair~ TheMeshProject Body Appliers

Helllo pretty ladies!

Due to VERY popular demand, TheMeshProject Body Appliers are finally here!

Available in 8 tones: Africa, America, Arctic, Asia, Europa, India, Jamaica and Petal.

If you need help with using your Glam Affair Applier please read the instructions on the actual Hud. You simply attach your Glam Affair Hud, click it, remove it and then add your StyleMode Hud. If you use multiple tones - please add them prior to attaching your StyleHud.

Like magic your tones will be on the StyleMode Hud!

Enjoy and thank you for your support in Glam Affair!

~ Glam Affair~ Management

~Glam Affair~ Main Store


Please view for any support you need with your TheMeshProject Body.

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~Glam Affair ~ @ Collabor88

The 8th of the month has the grid buzzing with chatter about the new round of Collabor88 and we are just as excited as ever to be a part of it and bring you new pretties.

More Artemis you all said. More More MORE so we obliged. The lovely Artemis is back in two tones; Europa and Jamaica. Following the theme of this month's round, we brought her back looking like the ultimate party girl.

Artemis Party Girl is ready for you to take her home, put on your best and boldest, throw some sass in your step and not look back!

She comes with an option of 8 make ups - each sold separately. Eight eyebrow color options and one NB so you can use the brow tintable tattoo, also included for any color brow you would like.  Please try the demos! Appliers available in the main store for Slink mesh parts. 

Now comes the accessories portion. Ready? What is a party girl without some seriously fun lashes? Miami lashes are bold and flirty. Six different colors to choose from!

Last but not least, the oh so pretty Amelie Necklace. The four b's come to mind - big, brassy, bold and beautiful. Eight color options and a lovely piece for anything that needs a major boost of color.


As always, thank you so much for picking Glam Affair to make you even more beautiful than you already are. We truly appreciate your support!

Hope you enjoy our releases as much as we enjoy bringing them to you!

Thank you,
~Glam Affair ~ Management

TP to Collabor88
TP to Glam Affair


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~Glam Affair~ At Arcade Gacha and Fameshed

It's that time again! Arcade Gacha!!!  Glam Affair is really excited to be a part of the event again this round!

Glam Affair released a brand new skin named, Skye, that we hope you love. Skye is pouty, fresh faced and lovely with a broad range of makeup. Light and dewy to colorful and bold. We didn't skimp on the expressive and colors that demand attention.

We were lucky enough to get two machines so you know what that means right? Double the Skye!

Run down on both machines below along with pictures:

Skye I has 12 faces in Asia that are common and do NOT come with appliers.

Two Rares in tone Pearl - Appliers Included  for Slink Hands/Feet
Three Rares in tone Jamaica - Appliers available in store. (Reasoning - it is one of our normal tones)

Skye II has 12 Common faces also, the skin tone breakdown is:

Three Commons in America Tone
Three Commons in Artic Tone
Three Commons in Asia Tone
Three Commons in Jamaica Tone

No Appliers for any of the commons.


Two Rares in Drow - Appliers Included  for Slink Hands/Feet
Two Rares in Pearl -  Appliers Included  for Slink Hands/Feet
Two Rares in Silver - Appliers Included  for Slink Hands/Feet

Each pack contains several eyebrow color options, so you can all change your hair color on a whim and not worry about your brows.

Last but not least - Glam Affair's Accessories Dept is in Fameshed this month.

Don't let it be said that glasses aren't sexy! Our Cat Eye glasses prove that is just a myth! Meow!

We also have a gorgeous Empire necklace that comes in a range of colors and is a perfect statement piece!

We hope you enjoy our items as much as we enjoyed making them and bringing them to you!

Thank you for all the support, you are all much appreciated.

Below are your tps to all the events!

Thank you!
~Glam Affair~  Management

Glam Affair @ Arcade Gacha

Glam Affair @ Fameshed

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~Glam Affair~ New @ Uber

Glam Affair is a proud guest of the 2nd round of Uber  - Theme [apocalypse].

Artemis, one of the latest faces from Glam Affair, is gorgeous and all ready for the the last days. Make up options range from simple and sweet to smoldering eyes and tank girl princess with war paint  who pulls no punches.

6 Makeup Options
8 Eyebrow Options
1 No Brow Option

Artemis, The Last Dyas, is all ready and waiting for you and anything else that may come at Uber.

Visit Uber


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Thank you
~Glam Affair~

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~Glam Affair~ Fifty Linden Friday

Hello beauties!

Glam Affair is in this round of Fifty Linden Friday anddd since it is nearly the weekend we thought it was time for cocktails!

What do I mean? I meannnnn two of our latest skins in a pretty makeup named, Cocktail.  Yes. Two. Oakley and Kallisto! Both have matching smoky eye and a pouty pretty lip with just barely there color that is perfecttt for the weekend.

Oakely and Kallisto are available in Asia tone with 7 options of eyebrow colors and eyebrow shape suggestions.

Skins will be out at midnight SLT (or maybe earlier, ahem) and will be available for 50L for 24 hours.

Thank you!
~Glam Affair~ Management

Your ride to Glam Affair!
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